Code Of Ethics

FOREWORD BY: Benjamin Cloud, Chairman and CEO


Integrity, Leadership, Family. 

Placing ethics at the heart of our business is a powerful commitment, and one that will pay off dividends as we continue to change the coffee industry. We have sought to create a culture of honor, as anything less would be unacceptable. A business is only as great as its practice, and when you create extraordinary practices, you have an extraordinary company.
Since 2021, the major values that frame and direct our everyday actions have been outlined in our code of ethics. This Code serves as a guide for what is expected of each of us in our professional endeavors and in our interactions with others, including our coworkers, clients, and partners, and others. 
Since the market is constantly shifting, it can be challenging to identify specific pillars. However, after identifying our major three pillars, we soon understood that changing the Code of Ethics would not be essential because all three pillars revolve around humanity, which is what's most crucial.

Integrity - Every Cloud's Coffee employee operates with honesty, character, and strong moral principles, especially when no one is looking. 

Leadership - We see leadership as an attitude, not a title. Every Cloud's Coffee employee is empowered to lead, as leadership lives in all levels. 

Family - Family is rooted in our name. We perceive everyone impacted by Cloud's Coffee as family - employees, interns, partners, clients, and vendors. 

Sustainability - Cloud's Coffee and it's entirety are dedicated to reducing emissions in every practice of our business. By the end of 2023, we ensure that all packaging will be 100% recyclable or compostable.