I. Bean by bean: 

To begin the process, our un-roasted coffee cherries are ethically hand-picked, one by one, by small farmers across the world 

II. Washing:

The beans are then wet hulled. "Wet hulled" is a method unique to Indonesia consisting of fermenting and cleansing the cherries in a tub of water. 

III. Drying:

Once washed, our coffee beans are dried on raised beds made of netting to dehydrate the cherry. 

IV. Importing:

Our beans are then imported into the United States arriving at our roaster facility for roasting preparation. 

V. Roasting:

The beans are then roasted to order. Roasting typically takes less than 15 minutes and consists of a meticulous process. 

VI. Delivery:

Our favorite part and probably yours. Our coffee is shipped out the same day it's roasted and enjoyed by our customers.