Peppermint Cream

Peppermint Cream

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Peppermint Cream is a medium-dark roasted coffee with hints of chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint. Peppermint Cream is our latest seasonal addition, and already loved by many. 


When we introduced our first version of Peppermint in 2021, it saw massive results, especially around the holidays. However, we had customers emailing us in the fall, spring, and even summer, asking for this origin to return. It only seemed fit to continue this offering's legacy! 
This time around we decided to add a few small hints of vanilla and chocolate to compliment the peppermint. This was decided after countless cuppings and customer feedback. 
Our Peppermint Cream is a flavored version of Bali Blue, and we seriously doubt it could get any better. WIth Bali already carrying notes of chocolates, it was very straightforward when building a tasting pallet. 

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